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All Your Professional Cleaning Checklists in One Page

Office Cleaning

What's in the article?

What's in the article?

Each commercial space has their own set of requirements and checklists that cater to the specific needs of the area. In this ultimate guide, we’ll be listing printable versions of our professional cleaning checklists: from general cleaning, to restaurant, schools, and warehouse cleaning.

List of Cleaning Checklists

  1. Office Cleaning Checklists for Commercial Spaces and Buildings - Offices and other commercial spaces are exposed to high amounts of foot traffic daily, leading to high amounts of dust and dirt that enter the premises. Most of us know how to clean our own homes, but commercial cleaning is a completely different scenario. Our office cleaning checklist for commercial spaces and buildings covers all the areas that need to be cleaned around the office, as well as tasks and tips that should be performed daily for optimal cleanliness.
  2. Printable Janitorial Checklist - Our printable janitorial checklist covers all the cleaning tasks that must be done daily, weekly, and monthly in a standard office and reception area. This checklist presents general cleaning tasks that may be applicable to most types of commercial offices.
  3. Bank Cleaning Checklist - Banks need to maintain pristine reputations in both their business and their offices. Daily cleaning and disinfection, as per our ultimate bank cleaning checklist, is a must in this high-traffic area. A clean bank office presents clean and transparent operations to their clients, which is especially important when the bank is in charge of personal and business finances.
  4. Bar Opening and Closing Cleaning Checklist - Bars and restaurants are both the messiest, and must maintain the cleanest operations as compared to non-food establishments. Our ultimate bar opening and closing cleaning checklist will help you keep sanitary operations from your first shift to your last!
  5. Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist - Restrooms can get messy, and commercial restrooms get even filthier. Our commercial restroom cleaning checklist helps keep track of all the cleaning tasks that need to be done in a public restroom. 
  6. Dental Office Cleaning Checklist - Our dental office cleaning checklist will make sure your dental clinic shines as bright as your clients’ smiles! Dental offices can be challenging to clean, especially when handling oral surgeries. Keep track of what needs to be done with a checklist guide to thoroughly clean your office for the next patient.
  7. Facility Inspection and Management Checklist - Besides cleaning, facilities need to be thoroughly inspected for any accident-prone areas, weak points, and scum areas. Our ultimate facility inspection and management checklist will help you track all the areas that need attention and maintenance.
  8. Medical Office Cleaning Checklist - Anything medical needs to be sterilized, and our ultimate medical office cleaning checklist will make sure you don’t miss cleaning even a single aspect in your clinic. Patients always look for the most sterile option to get medicated, so ensuring your clinic is as clean as can be is essential in gaining the trust of your patients.
  9. Restaurant Cleaning Checklist - Food is always a cleanliness issue, and our ultimate restaurant cleaning checklist makes sure you serve your dishes in the tastiest and cleanest way possible. Don’t stain your reputation with food stains!
  10. School Classroom Cleaning Checklist - Kids and messes go hand in hand, that’s why our ultimate school classroom cleaning checklist was designed to clear out all common messes kids can make, while providing them with a sanitary environment to help them focus on learning.
  11. Warehouse Cleaning Checklist - Warehouses are large areas that can trap a lot of dirt and grime, as well as rodents. Keep your warehouse operations optimal with proper cleaning and organization. Refer to our ultimate warehouse cleaning checklist as a guide.

Looking for a Checklist?

Looking for a specific cleaning checklist not mentioned above? Keep an eye out for more of our cleaning checklists in our blog!

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