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Commercial Cleaning Cost 2023: Average Rates & Prices

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What's in the article?

What's in the article?

With more people slowly returning to their offices and workplaces, professional cleaning services are growing in demand to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of these spaces. Hiring a cleaning service to take charge of the state of a work environment allows employees to focus on their tasks without the distraction of unnecessary messes laying around.

While these services may require business owners to spend a bit more money, it’s more than worth it as it ensures that keeping everything neat and organized is easy and effortless. In case you’ve been wondering, here’s a list of the average rates of commercial cleaning services in Singapore this 2023.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Office Cleaning Service

Better Quality Cleaning

Employing the services of a professional cleaning service will guarantee you a very thorough and deep cleaning. When company’s entrust the state of the workspace to employees, chances are that they’re too busy to truly give it any thought. 

Rather than focusing and dedicating a few hours to cleaning, employees are more likely to do any cleaning task distractedly and halfheartedly, doing the bare minimum just so that they can resume their tasks and assignments. By reaching out to professional cleaners, an office is given a higher quality of cleaning that simply can’t be done as well by busy employees.

Professional cleaners are also much more equipped to handle the job. Not only do they have the best cleaning equipment available, but they’ve also undergone training that has prepared them with the needed knowledge and skills to tackle any stain and mess.

Increased Productivity and Satisfaction

When employees are working in a freshly cleaned office space, they’re naturally happier and more eager to work. A company’s work environment is a crucial part in nurturing a healthy company culture as it allows employees to feel like they are actually well-taken care of. From regularly emptied trash cans to fresh indoor air, these are the small things that matter.

Apart from the satisfaction of working in a tidy space, hiring a professional cleaning service to handle the maintenance of your office also means that you’re staying on top of any diseases and viruses that could be lingering around without you even knowing about it. 

When a space is regularly sanitized and disinfected, there’s a lesser chance of a disease spreading, which means that your employees are less likely to file for sick leaves.

Factors that Affect Commercial Cleaning Costs

In 2023, the approximate cost for an office cleaning goes from S$420 all the way to S$1,500, but there are a lot of factors that can affect this price. Here are some of the factors:

Office Size

Naturally, this is one of the main factors that affect the cleaning rate charged by the company as the office size will dictate the amount of time and resources that the cleaners have to expend in order to get the job done. 

As most professional cleaning companies in Singapore set their prices based on the average area of the office space, it’s best to measure the length and width of your workplace in order to determine the size of your office accurately as this can help you calculate a rough and estimated cleaning rate when you ask for a price list or a quotation.

Here’s a table of estimated one-time cleaning prices based on office size:

Office Area Price
0 to 650 square feet S$190
650 to 890 square feet S$230
890 to 1,199 square feet S$350
1,199 to 1,399 square feet S$400
1,399 to 1,799 square feet S$475
1,799 to 2,199 square feet S$575
2,199 to 2,799 square feet S$675

If you find that your office space is much larger than the figures in the table, each additional square foot will raise the cleaning cost by around S$3 to S$5 per session.

Cleaning Frequency

Along with the size of the office, the frequency of the cleaning service will also affect the final cleaning cost. There is no generalized recommendation for how frequently businesses should avail these cleaning services, so it’s best to assess the daily operations and needs of your workspace in order to see how often you need these services.

Most professional cleaning companies have a fixed duration for each cleaning session, and this mostly ranges between three and four hours. Cleaning services are also known to offer multiple session services in fixed bundles that help companies save more in the long run. 

Here’s a table of estimated prices based on frequency:

Number of Sessions Hours per Sessions Price
4 3 hours S$425
4 4 hours S$475
8 3 hours S$850
8 4 hours S$950
12 3 hours S$1,300
12 4 hours S$1,400

Additional Services

While most cleaning companies offer cleaning packages to their clients, clients may want to avail of additional services that aren’t included in these packages. Most cleaners are open to adjust the pricing of the packages to accommodate these special requests.

Here are some additional services that you may be looking to avail:

Additional Service Price
Cleaning company to provide cleaning materials Additional fee of S$30 to S$90 depending on materials provided. Cleaning company may request the client to sign additional contracts.
Cleaning session during weekends or holidays Cleaning company may increase cleaning cost up to 20%
Extra hours after allotted session Cleaning company may charge an additional fee. Acceptance is at the discretion and availability of cleaner.

A Trusted Office Cleaning Company in Singapore

Luce Office understands the importance of quality cleaning and maintenance in office spaces, which we are ready to make your office spotless. Our professional and experienced cleaners are well-versed in handling any mess thoroughly, efficiently and reliably. 

With packages that cost as low as S$11/hour and no hidden fees whatsoever, Luce Office is dedicated to offering you the best cleaning services available to keep your business productive and healthy.

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