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Shopping Center Cleaning Guide

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What's in the article?

What's in the article?

With the different stores and boutiques being offered, a shopping center naturally attracts thousands in a day. It’s a place where different people go to have fun and relax. However, with the amount of people it sees on a daily basis, a shopping center is bound to get messy fairly quickly. From drink spills to even vomit, anything can happen at a shopping center.

And even when there are no accidents that need to be wiped up, a shopping center needs to be cleaned in general in order to ensure that all the patrons are having a good time in a hygienic environment. You never really know what unseen organisms are lingering around and waiting to contaminate everything.

Tips to Clean a Shopping Center

Tip #1: Clean As Much as Possible 

As simple as it sounds, this little tip can actually save you a lot of time and help you reach messes as soon as they happen. We all know how important it is to tackle untidy surfaces with the right cleaner, but sorting through your entire supply to find the right one can hold you back in terms of cleaning efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just doing some routine cleaning or are targeting a spill because most hard surfaces can do just fine with a high quality multi-surface cleaner. Not only does it mean that you can move around and clean the shopping center in less time, but you’ll no longer need to carry an entire lot of cleaning products around with you.

Tip #2: Prevent Dirt from Getting Worse

Not a lot of people realize that the dirt that gets inside the shopping center comes from outside. The many entrances that let your patrons in also welcome the dirt, dust and debris from the streets. A good way to avoid these from entering in the first place is by placing floor mats inside and outside the possible mall entrances.

These floor mats can prevent these particles from getting in and spreading across the different areas of the shopping center, but it’s important that you clean them off at the end of every day so that they’re ready to work again by the time the mall opens.

Tip #4 Clean More Strategically

With the amount of traffic the shopping center gets, you should create a team and properly coordinate a cleaning schedule that will allow you to clean all parts of the mall multiple times a day as efficiently as possible. From each floor of the mall to the restrooms, every part of the mall needs to be regularly monitored for any spills, accidents or messes.

Tip #5 Clean More Efficiently

It might seem like a good idea to clean a shopping center with a mop and bucket—the quintessential cleaning tools for any situation—but that isn’t quite the case. When mopping the floor, you’re actually just pushing most of the dirt around rather than removing them. It’s also a time consuming process that simply can’t be done in a high traffic shopping mall.

Rather than leaving the floor wet and watching the patrons walk all over the floor with their dirty shoes, you should try vacuuming instead. Unlike mopping up messes, vacuuming actually removes all the dirt and particles, while also being a more time-effective and versatile cleaning method that can actually help you clean more quickly.

You can effectively clean almost any surface with a vacuum with the right attachment, and it also means that you can forgo the dreaded wet floor sign. 

Tip #6 Clean More Proactively

The devil is in the details, so make sure that you don’t overlook anything, especially the smallest details. Make sure that you vacuum any upholstery to remove any lodged dirt particles and food crumbs. The escalator handrails also need to be wiped regularly with all the hands that end up touching it. Check the trash cans often to see if they need to be emptied.

As much as we don’t see it, the customers and patrons do notice these little things, and the slightest mess can ultimately ruin their experience and deter them from coming back any time soon.

The Importance of Properly Cleaning a Shopping Center

Regularly cleaning every area of a shopping center ensures that your patrons can have a great time without having to worry about hygiene scares. While improper sanitation can be unsightly and disgusting, they can also pose health and contamination risks. A cleaned shopping center also serves as a nice backdrop for the many memories being made.

Apart from customers’ health and satisfaction, a clean shopping center is also important for the employees that are working at the stores and shops. These workers spend more time in these shopping centers than many customers as they have to earn a living, and the last thing that they need is to work in an unsanitary work environment.

Many shopping centers have their own in-house cleaners, but it might be worth a try to explore other options that might get the job done more efficiently. 

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